Comprehensive Repairs on this Lot

Not too long ago we got a call from a new client who had their parking lot installed about two years ago, and they could see some severe alligator cracking happening to the lot. We assured them that we could seal the cracks and then do sealcoating in Normal at their location. This would prevent further damages to the parking lot. We asked the client when would be a good time for us to come out and inspect the parking lot, and they said as soon as we could they would appreciate it, so we told them that we could be there later that day.

Sealcoating and Parking Lot Repair Estimate is Provided

Our experts arrived at the business and they began looking over the parking lot and inspecting it thoroughly. The client was right to be concerned about the parking lot because there were several areas in the lot that had severe alligator cracking. If this was left unattended, it would be a major problem that would become a  more costly issue down the road. We discussed the process that would take place. The client was very grateful to have us involved and became more confident with our service as we went through the whole process from the estimate to finishing the lot via sealcoating. 

This normal sealcoating job was a cinch! Perdue Pavement Solutions

The crew arrived first thing Monday morning to start the crack sealing. The crew cleaned the parking lot to ensure that all debris, dirt, and chemicals were off of the surface. The crew then started to fill all the cracks on the lot. The crew then started the sealcoating application process. The sealcoating should be  heated to a temperature between 380 and 410 degrees, and once it rose to the appropriate temperature the crew started applying the mixture. Within just a few hours the alligator cracks were filled and the sealcoating was applied. The crew began cleaning up the worksite, as we make it a point to make sure that the job site looks better after we are done working than when we arrived. As the crew was packing up to head to the next job, the client came out and shook each crewmember’s hand and thanked them all for doing a great job on his parking lot. He said the parking lot had never looked so good, even when it was first installed just two years prior.

The crew let the client know that we provide annual parking lot maintenance and this would keep his parking lot in great shape as we would come out to do any maintenance to the parking lot, and to make sure it was always in good working condition. The client was so impressed he said he would call the office and set the annual parking lot maintenance up.