Parking Lot Paving and Maintenance

The parking lot is usually the first thing that customers will notice when they approach your business. It is important that your asphalt is well-maintained, as it is the first impression for all incoming guests and customers. A clean and well-kept lot shows your customers that you care about their safety. Perdue Pavement Solutions provides complete paving and maintenance services.

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Parking Lot Maintenance Services

As a dedicated East Peoria asphalt contractor, we provide a variety of asphalt solutions:

Benefits of Regular Asphalt Maintenance

If you have your parking lot maintained regularly by a skilled paving contractor, you will save on larger expenses later. Perdue Pavement Solutions provides maintenance and repair services that will allow you to increase the durability of your asphalt. There are numerous benefits to having regular maintenance performed:

  • A lasting first impression
  • Increases property values
  • Avoid accidents
  • Adds life to your asphalt
  • Smooth surface
  • Clear markings to provide an ease with parking

Asphalt Repair and Semi-Annual Maintenance

Our company specializes in maintenance. If choose service from our company, you may be able to add 20-25 years of life to your asphalt. We provide short-term and long term maintenance solutions. We have the experience and qualifications to keep your lot functional.

Finished Parking Lot Maintenance in East Peoria IL - Perdue Pavement SolutionsOur maintenance solutions include parking lot patching, sealcoating, crack filling, pothole patching, and many more services. Our parking lot paving services will keep your space durable, safe, and long lasting. Our entire staff is fully trained and experience in all of the latest parking lot paving techniques, and we use the latest industrial technology to provide the best service that any company could offer. Perdue Pavement Solutions is a full service asphalt contractor ready to meet commercial asphalt needs.

We have grown from a very small contracting company to a sizable paving contractor in East Peoria, and are proud to offer asphalt paving services to meet the demands of all commercial and residential properties. You can contact us for a no-obligation consultation. Protect your investment with our asphalt paving and maintenance services. You will be glad you did when you see what we can offer you. We have nearly two decades of experience, so we can provide our customers with the best contractor services possible. Give us a call today to see what we can offer you.