Pavement Management Planning

When asphalt pavement is properly maintained it can generally have a lifespan of 20 to 25 years. Having a pavement maintenance plan established can prevent costly repairs and asphalt replacements. It is much easier and far less expensive to maintain your asphalt pavement. Perdue Pavement Solutions can provide our residential and commercial customers with a pavement maintenance plan that is a long term approach that will maintain your asphalt pavement.

What is a Pavement Maintenance Plan with Perdue Pavement Solutions?

Perdue Pavement Solutions qualified team will provide a complete site evaluation. The site evaluation will provide our customer with any areas of the asphalt pavement that needs repaired and we will provide a quote that will be detailed. We will also provide a custom pavement maintenance plan that is based upon our customer’s asphalt pavements needs and preferences. Each pavement maintenance plan is customized for each customer’s pavement. Perdue Pavement Solutions understands that each asphalt pavement is different and that is why we develop a plan to meet each pavement and customer. We thrive to protect your pavement investment along with limit your costs. It is Perdue Pavement Solutions goal to maximize your investment while providing a safe, durable, and attractive asphalt pavement.

Every property owner with an asphalt pavement should have a pavement maintenance plan. For example, car owners take care of their car by changing the oil every 3000 miles. When you change the oil regularly, then you reduce engine problems while adding live to the motor. The same goes for your asphalt pavement. If you do regular maintenance, then you will reduce any pavement problems in the future that could be very costly.  This can include something as simple as regularly schedule parking lot sweeping.

Perdue Pavement Solutions are the pavement maintenance planning specialists. Contact us today and let our qualified staff come out and provide you with a customized maintenance plan that will keep your asphalt pavement lasting longer. We can work with you on a budget that you can afford. Protect your investment and consider a pavement maintenance plan with Perdue Pavement Solutions today. This program is designed to stretch dollars and simplify the job of the facility manager, and is based on the idea that the timing of the repair is as important as the repairs themselves. We look forward to providing you with superior asphalt services.

Pavement Management Planning: A Management Tool

As a management tool this plan enables you to plan your pavement maintenance so you can maintain your parking lots in the most cost-effective way. Pavement Management Planning is a systematic, long-term approach (we recommend looking anywhere from two to five years down the line) that ties together all the various maintenance options under one plan. Because it is a long-range plan, it enables you to budget your repairs, giving you greater control over your maintenance expenses – and it gives you the best chance you can have of getting the most bang for your maintenance buck.

PMP Pavements in Varying Conditions

Pavements in different condition ranges require different types of maintenance and rehabilitation activities. Applicable procedures range from minor routine maintenance to total reconstruction depending on pavement condition. Specific procedures selected may vary depending on performance levels in different areas and for different functions. Each procedure used in PMP has an associated cost, pavement condition improvement level and life cycle.

Steps in Pavement Management

Parking Lot Inventory

Initially, we conduct a physical inventory of each parking lot. This function consists of identifying, describing, and logging the pavement system into our database which describes the entire pavement system to be managed. We evaluate what’s concrete and what’s asphalt, we analyze automobile and pedestrian traffic flow, noting entrances and exits, drainage, islands, delivery areas and dumpsters, etc., measuring and recording what we find. We note depressions, rutting, all cracking by type and severity, potholes, saw cut repairs, etc.  We also log when the last sealcoating was completed.

Pavement Condition Survey

The condition of each inventory section is assessed by various methods. This phase identifies the pavement condition of each section. Therefore, once the inventory is completed, we convert all this information on paper and correlate it with a diagram of your parking lot, with each damaged area and type of repair indicated. Condition surveys are generally performed each year to monitor performance of the pavement system.

Identify Pavement Maintenance and Rehabilitation Alternatives

Next, we rank the pavement defects and recommend repairs. But rather than rank them from the worst pavement areas to the best, we rank them from the most cost-effective repair to least cost-effective repair. In other words, we rank the pavement defects starting with the most important to fix first – not in order of severity, and here’s why. In many cases, it is more cost effective to let certain defects go a year or two and repair other defects in the meantime. That’s because some repairs – rather than fix a defect – will prevent more costly defects from occurring.

Operate the System

Once hired, with the pavement inventory, condition survey and maintenance and rehabilitation alternatives it is then possible to model pavement condition with various rehabilitation strategies (procedures and timing) to determine future pavement condition and associated cost. Rehabilitation strategies can then be optimized considering goals and funding. Work schedules are then produced and priorities and budgets set. Maintenance and rehabilitation are then performed as scheduled.

Monitoring the Maintenance Schedule

During operation of PMP, condition data is collected to monitor and verify if maintenance and rehabilitation procedures used are producing predicted results. Performance predictions are updated as data becomes available. Other changes can be made in the system as data acquisition, rehabilitation and performance prediction technology improves.

Summary of our Pavement Management Planning Approach

The maintenance of your pavement is as important as the maintenance on your car. You wouldn’t risk not taking your car in for routine tune-ups or oil changes, so why take chances with your parking lot. Viewing pavement maintenance as an investment and not as an expense is one way to avoid costly repairs. If you rely on the Pavement Management Plan, you will be able to better schedule your pavement repairs for a time when they will be the most cost-effective, and, you will be able to plan your maintenance expenses better, which means you will be able to budget your expenses more accurately.