Extensive Paving Work for Group of Shops

A few months ago, we were contacted by the landlord of a local strip mall. She was in the market for a paving contractor in Washington and came across our business. The landlord wanted a consult on some possible parking lot repair work. We agreed to send someone from our team over to her property to see how extensive the repairs would be.

It was clear once we arrived that the damage to the lot would require a significant amount of work. The areas of the lot nearest the storefronts were still in relatively good condition; there were minor cracks throughout the area and a few small potholes, but on-the-whole nothing too devastating.

Toward the back of the lot however, the situation was much more hairy. The numerous large potholes and widespread cracking of the pavement made it clear that the landlord subscribed to the idea of “out of sight, out of mind,” and that the far reaches of the parking lot had been neglected over time.

Back lot in Washington after parking lot maintenance - PerdueThe landlord admitted that, in an effort to save costs, they’d focused on parking lot maintenance for the front of the lot, as the number of patrons didn’t usually call for the use of the extra spots. In recent months however, new tenants in the strip mall had been attracting larger quantities of customers, such that the forgotten rear of the parking lot was now necessary to accommodate everyone.

After receiving some complaints regarding the quality of the back lot, the landlord determined it would be prudent to take care of the issues and hire an asphalt paving company with experience in parking lot repair in Washington. We agreed that the damage to the parking lot should be addressed, and quickly came up with a plan and estimate for the project, which the landlord agreed to.

Extensive Repairs Executed by Our Paving Contractor Team

We began with the parking lot patching to take care of the countless potholes that spotted the lot. Once that was finished, we moved on to the crack sealing. Due to the lack of prior parking lot maintenance, each of these tasks took a considerable amount of time, but our team was very willing to put in the necessary time and effort to achieve a quality final product for our customer.

Once the parking lot repair work was complete, we moved on to sealcoating the parking lot. Not only would this improve the look of the lot, but it would also result in a longer lifespan of the asphalt and a lower possibility for damage. We did however, suggest that the landlord set up a parking lot maintenance plan with us to ensure regular upkeep of the parking lot from a company with much expertise in asphalt paving. The customer was thankful for the advice and for the high quality of our parking lot repair work.