Food and Beverage Project Needs Asphalt Maintenance Before Launch

A chef was wanting to open a new restaurant with a tiny budget, and he had chosen a really run down building that was located next to a terrible looking lot. He had chosen this location for its amazingly low price, and he had to put a ton of his own work into the building to bring it up to code and designing it to be a place he would want to spend all his time. He called us initially for our services dealing with parking lot repair in East Peoria. He seemed to be a pretty skilled carpenter, but he had no idea what to do with the asphalt and knew it needed improvement. He called us for an estimate, and we were able to give him a good idea of what the lot would look like once we were through.

Our asphalt contractor specialists met with the chef at his new restaurant location. We walked around the lot evaluating the condition and to see what we could offer him. We went through several different options with him, and with our parking lot maintenance services the lot would look good as new when we were done, then gave him an estimate that he could afford.

The parking lot maintenance was scheduled

We were able to do parking lot maintenance in east peoria for a new business, and it turned out greatThe crew arrived on the day that was scheduled. The sun was shining and there wasn’t any rain in the future forecast, which would help in getting the project done on time. The crew began cleaning the lot, then they started the parking lot patching and crack sealing the problem areas. The crew then made additional parking lot repairs, and afterwards the sealcoating was applied. We were able to have the parking lot looking fantastic for the customer. When we were all finished, the business owner said the parking lot turned out just like we said it would. He told us that he had had his doubts because the lot was in such bad shape, but with our parking lot paving service it now looked great! He was really happy with our work, and even invited some of our crew members to the soft opening of the restaurant so we could try his food. We were thrilled at the thought of some delicious food, and even more proud that we were able to help out a local business owner get off the ground and up and running.