Hotel Needs Expert Paving Services

We were recently contacted by a customer interested in hiring an asphalt contractor to do parking lot repair in Pekin. The customer worked as the property manager for a local hotel and needed to find a company that specialized in parking lot paving and sealcoating to complete some work on their parking lot.

The hotel had recently booked a large event and wanted to spruce up their property before the big day. They were to host a conference open to business individuals interested in driving the online growth of their companies. The conference was expected to be fairly well-attended, so it was an excellent opportunity for the hotel, but also one of high stakes.

The pressure was on to ensure every last detail would satisfy the hotel’s guests, and that included the parking lot. We went out to see the lot straight away, so we could begin plans for the project. For the most part, the parking lot was in pretty good shape, needing only slight parking lot repair in a few areas. There were a few minor potholes from last winter and some scattered spots that would require crack sealing and parking lot patching.

Estimate for Parking Lot Maintenance was Provided

Overall, this would not be a difficult project for a company like ours with so much experience in asphalt paving in Pekin. We were able to get started on the parking lot repair right away, and began with the crack sealing to block off any passages for moisture to reach the asphalt base. This would prevent future collapses in the pavement. Next we tackled the parking lot patching, covering up the potholes and any other areas of the lot that showed damage.

We did this parking lot repair in pekin very quicklyOnce the parking lot repair work was complete, we moved on to the sealcoating. This would give the parking lot a smooth, finished look that was sure to impress the conference guests. It would also help protect the asphalt from future damage and lengthen its lifespan.

When the sealcoating was done, the hotel workers were finally able to see the finished project, and they were incredibly pleased. The work our company completed made a huge difference on the overall impression of the hotel and would undoubtedly have a positive impact on the experience of the conference guests.

A few weeks later, we received a message from the hotel letting us know that the conference went off without a hitch, and was so successful that the conference organizers asked them to host again the following year. The hotel thanked us for our part in making that happen and said they’d be in touch next year to schedule some parking lot maintenance.