Large Project made easy- Simple and Straightforward!

A few months ago, we were approached by a woman looking to hire an asphalt contractor in Morton to do some repair work on her property. She claimed her parking surface was in fairly good condition but wanted to have some crack sealing and sealcoating done to ensure the asphalt was at the top of its game for a big event she was hosting next year.

We went out to Morton to check out her property and give her an estimate on the asphalt maintenance work. Just as the woman said, the driveway was in great condition, but with a little work from us, it could be even better. This was exactly what the customer wanted for her big event.

As it turned out, the event was a wedding, specifically the wedding of her only son. He had recently gotten engaged, and he and his future spouse decided they wanted their wedding at his mother’s house. Her house resided on a large, wooded property that would make a picturesque backdrop for the festivities; it was an excellent choice on his part and his mother was thrilled. She wanted everything to be perfect for him, so she started on the preparations straight away. We assured her that our specialty was parking lot paving and repair, so this would be no problem for us.

Paving Contractor Job Commences

We did an job very similar to parking lot repair in morton here - Perdue Pavement SolutionsShe wanted to make sure the long, winding driveway leading up to her parking area was in excellent condition, as it would be one of the first things guests would see as they made their way to the backyard for the ceremony. We came up with a plan that would exactly satisfy her needs and presented our ideas and estimate to her the next day. She agreed to the plan and was eager to get started on the improvements.

We began with the crack sealing, covering up any minor cracks that were even somewhat visible and had even the slightest chance of allowing moisture to soak the asphalt base. No services like parking lot patching were required, so we were able to move straight on to the sealcoating. This step would result in the most dramatic change to the look of the asphalt, giving it a sleek, smooth finish that would impress the wedding guests in exactly the way the mother wanted.

With that, we were all finished. The customer was immensely pleased with the results and was glad to check the project off her list without a single worry. She asked us to come back the following year for a maintenance check and even promised to tell all her friends to call us if they ever needed a paving contractor in Morton.