Maintenance Work for Back-to-School Safety

A customer recently contacted us about completing some parking lot maintenance in Dunlap. This individual was responsible for the upkeep of a local school and was interested in hiring an asphalt contractor to do parking lot repairs in Dunlap at their location. Over the past few years, the district experienced an increase in the sizes of their student bodies and as result, significantly more traffic in their parking lots. For some schools, including the one that contacted us, this resulted in damage to the asphalt that exceeded the usual yearly wear and tear.

The customer wanted to have the parking lot repair work complete before the beginning of the new school year. He also wanted to investigate more hardy options for the pavement that wouldn’t damage so easily. With our significant expertise in asphalt paving in Dunlap, we were just the company for the job. We developed a plan for the project and gave the customer an estimate. Pleased with both, he gave us the go-ahead to begin our work.

Parking Lot Paving Bid was Accepted; Work Begins

We started off by completing the parking lot patching, covering any potholes or areas with significant damage. Next, we moved on to the crack sealing, a process that would help protect the asphalt base from any contact with moisture. Moisture could weaken the base, which would provide opportunities for damage similar to that which we saw in other areas of the lot.

Paving and crack sealing in Dunlap was a nice little job - Perdue Pavement SolutionsOnce the parking lot repair work was complete, we could move on to the customer’s other request: that this new parking lot last longer than its predecessor. To accomplish this, we began sealcoating the area. This would add an extra layer of protection to reduce cracking and prevent moisture from weakening the pavement. The sealcoating also provided an additional bonus of making the lot look fresh and new.

We were able to complete all our work well before the beginning of the new school year. The customer was incredibly pleased with our work and our efficiency. We recommended that he set up a parking lot maintenance plan with us, to ensure any potential problems with the lot were addressed immediately and before they could cause more serious damage. The customer said he looked forward to working with us again in the future. He promised to recommend our services to other schools in the district that were interested in hiring a paving contractor that guaranteed high-quality and lasting results.