Theater Gets Parking Lot Overhaul

Recently, we received a call from a movie theater owner looking for a consultation for Peoria parking lot paving. The movie theater owner explained that they had just built out a huge HD theater next to a lot that was looking in bad shape. As the construction of the new theater was finishing up, they finally had most of the heavy construction equipment traffic off of the lot. He called us to see if we could save the asphalt (rather than resurface the whole thing). We scheduled a no-obligation consultation, so we could see what kind of shape the lot had and what we could offer the owner.

Our expert paving contractor crew met with the owner at the lot in Peoria. We inspected and evaluated the lot thoroughly. We were pleased to tell him that with some hard work in certain areas of the lot we would be able to save them a ton of money with our parking lot repair services. We gave him an estimate that he was happy with, and we were scheduled to start on the parking lot first thing Monday morning.

The parking lot repair and patching was under way.

We did this parking lot repair in East Peoria for a happy client - Perdue Pavement SolutionsThe crew arrived Monday morning and started to clean the parking lot. We do this so we can remove all the dirt, chemicals, and debris, so our repairs will be effective. The crew began working on the parking lot patching where there was extensive damage. Once the crew was able to patch these areas we moved on to filling the cracks in the lot. The crew returned the following morning to apply sealcoating, which would add strength, durability, and a nice appearance, which would be beneficial to the new HD Theater that was just built. The parking lot repairs went as planned and with the weather cooperating we were able to finish ahead of schedule for the client.

The client just so happened to stop by as the crew was doing some final touches to the lot and he said the parking lot maintenance and repairs that we provided were outstanding. He said that he was out a ton of money building the new theater and with our affordable prices the parking lot looks as if he had a new one installed. The customer said that Perdue Pavement Solutions was the professionals in Peoria to contact for all asphalt needs.